Looking to get Creative?

With OrganiCBD Honey you can elevate your day-to-day activities, meals, and routines. The quality and care they put into each jar of CBD Honey inspired this list of how you can incorporate it even more to enhance your day.

From your morning cup of coffee to your nightly skincare routine, OrganiCBD Honey is extremely versatile due to its antioxidants, antibacterial properties, natural sweetness, with the calming effects of CBD.

34 Creative ways you can use CBD Honey:

1. Eat a teaspoon daily to start or end your day.

2. Pour over pancakes or waffles.

3. Have a teaspoon when you have cold symptoms.

4. Add it to your tea.

5. Mix in a smoothie.

6. Top your ice cream with it.

7. Add it to a milkshake recipe or drizzle it on top.

8. Use honey instead of sugar in your coffee.

9. Wash your face with it—great for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

10. Put it on a cut, scrape, or burn as a wound dressing.

11. Bake with it as a sugar substitute.

12. Layer it into your PB&J sandwich.

13. Drizzle over toast.

14. Add the jar or a small container to a cheese board.

15. Make a DIY CBD Honey face mask.

16. Take daily for seasonal allergies.

17. Use it as an aftershave treatment.

18. Make a glaze with it for vegetables or a protein.

19. Add it to a sauce recipe instead of sugar.

20. Top yogurt with it.

21. Mix it in oatmeal or granola.

22. Dunk apple or other fruit slices in it.

23. Use it to caramelize fruit.

24. Spot treat acne breakouts overnight & put a bandage over it.

25. Top a smoothie or açaí bowl.

26. Make a dressing, like a vinaigrette.

27. Create a Detox drink with water, honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon or lime, & cinnamon or cayenne.

28. Make a stomach settling tea with ginger, lemon, & honey.

29. Treat insect bites with OrganiCBD Honey or make a paste with 1 lemon per 2 tablespoons honey.

30. Add honey to your bath for softer skin.

31. Take honey as a hangover remedy.

32. Serve it on crackers.

33. Make a honey body scrub with brown sugar or sea salt.

34. The perfect gift for a honey & CBD loving friend with an organic lifestyle.

This list can keep going on because there are endless ways to use OrganiCBD Honey. And if you’re on the go or traveling, bring along CBD Honey Sticks. To try out the uses on this list, you can purchase OrganiCBD Honey here and share your ideas on our instagram, facebook, and twitter.

By Dan Dissinger - January 30th, 2020

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